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IT Material VS Political Correctly Text

I really love to writing about something especially about SQL Server, I also like to read good stuff and it is much better if the text is funny, I call this a “clean read”.

I’m not talking about a lot of jokes and nothing related to the content of the material, but sometimes the read is better when we see some comparisons with our life…

I’ve seen and tried to write good texts using this, for instance, comparisons with movies characters, famous quotes by someone (Developers, Developers, Developers… J) or predictions ("Two years from now, spam will be solved." Bill Gates, 2004) and so on.

One day in a chat with Fernando Guerreiro (Blog | Twitter) I asked: – Why text editors don’t like jokes? And he wisely said, Jokes don’t work at a global level.

I struggle with this problem myself and now I know that, if we want to reach global readers we need be very carefully about the different cultures. I also learn that It’s impossible write something that will receive 100% of approbations for everybody.

So now, some questions rises: – What do you think about it? Do we have to be political correctly and write regular texts? Do we have to write a book or an article using those things? Why IT books in general have to looks like a Manual, and even sometimes quite boring?

I would love to hear your opinion, please leave a comment about your thoughts.

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