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Novo artigo no Simple-Talk

New article at Simple-Talk, thriller than ever to talk about Spool Operator and Halloween Problem, here is an little preview…


To show the functionality of the Eager Spool we’ll go back in time a bit, to the time when I was just a project being planned, but some other geeks working intensively with databases.

It was Halloween; the cold winter’s night was black as pitch, (I really don’t know if was winter, but I thought it would sound more thrilling) and the wind howled in the trees. It was 1976 and the children was demanding “tricks or treat” in the houses. The full moon shone and illuminated the whole city when suddenly, some clouds crossed the moon making the night even more dark and gloomy. It was possible to smell and taste the tension in the air like a stretched rubber band so close to burst. People walking in the street felt that someone was observing them, and when they looked closely in their back, they see two red eyes waiting and looking out for a prey unprotected.

Was that their imagination? Or just the wrong night to work with databases?


See the Full Article here,

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